EventRecordWrittenEventArgs EventRecordWrittenEventArgs EventRecordWrittenEventArgs EventRecordWrittenEventArgs Class


When the EventRecordWritten event is raised, an instance of this object is passed to the delegate method that handles the event. This object contains the event that was published to the event log or the exception that occurred when the event subscription failed.

public ref class EventRecordWrittenEventArgs sealed : EventArgs
public sealed class EventRecordWrittenEventArgs : EventArgs
type EventRecordWrittenEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public NotInheritable Class EventRecordWrittenEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


For example code using this class, see How to: Subscribe to Events in an Event Log.


EventException EventException EventException EventException

Gets the exception that occurred when the event subscription failed. The exception has a description of why the subscription failed.

EventRecord EventRecord EventRecord EventRecord

Gets the event record that is published to the event log. This event matches the criteria from the query specified in the event subscription.


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