StandardEventLevel StandardEventLevel StandardEventLevel StandardEventLevel Enum


Defines the standard event levels that are used in the Event Log service. The level defines the severity of the event. Custom event levels can be defined beyond these standard levels. For more information about levels, see EventLevel.

public enum class StandardEventLevel
public enum StandardEventLevel
type StandardEventLevel = 
Public Enum StandardEventLevel


Critical Critical Critical Critical 1

This level corresponds to critical errors, which is a serious error that has caused a major failure.

Error Error Error Error 2

This level corresponds to normal errors that signify a problem.

Informational Informational Informational Informational 4

This level corresponds to informational events or messages that are not errors. These events can help trace the progress or state of an application.

LogAlways LogAlways LogAlways LogAlways 0

This value indicates that not filtering on the level is done during the event publishing.

Verbose Verbose Verbose Verbose 5

This level corresponds to lengthy events or messages.

Warning Warning Warning Warning 3

This level corresponds to warning events. For example, an event that gets published because a disk is nearing full capacity is a warning event.

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