TrustType TrustType TrustType TrustType Enum


Indicates the type of a TrustRelationshipInformation object.

public enum class TrustType
public enum TrustType
type TrustType = 
Public Enum TrustType



The trust relationship is a shortcut between two domains that exists to optimize the authentication processing between two domains that are in separate domain trees.

External External External External 3

The trust relationship is with a domain outside of the current forest.

Forest Forest Forest Forest 4

The trust relationship is between two forest root domains in separate Windows Server 2003 forests.

Kerberos Kerberos Kerberos Kerberos 5

The trusted domain is an MIT Kerberos realm.

ParentChild ParentChild ParentChild ParentChild 1

The trust relationship is between a parent and a child domain.

TreeRoot TreeRoot TreeRoot TreeRoot 0

One of the domains in the trust relationship is a tree root.

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 6

The trust is a non-specific type.

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