CustomLineCap.WidthScale Property


Gets or sets the amount by which to scale this CustomLineCap Class object with respect to the width of the Pen object.

 property float WidthScale { float get(); void set(float value); };
public float WidthScale { get; set; }
member this.WidthScale : single with get, set
Public Property WidthScale As Single

Property Value

The amount by which to scale the cap.


This property specifies the multiple of the pen width by which to multiply the size of the custom cap. For example, if this property equals 1, the custom cap width is 10, the custom cap height is 5, and a line is drawn with a pen with a width of 3, then the cap is drawn 30 units wide and 15 units high. Setting this property to 3 causes the cap to be drawn 90 units wide and 45 units high.

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