Graphics.VisibleClipBounds Property


Gets the bounding rectangle of the visible clipping region of this Graphics.

 property System::Drawing::RectangleF VisibleClipBounds { System::Drawing::RectangleF get(); };
public System.Drawing.RectangleF VisibleClipBounds { get; }
member this.VisibleClipBounds : System.Drawing.RectangleF
Public ReadOnly Property VisibleClipBounds As RectangleF

Property Value


A RectangleF structure that represents a bounding rectangle for the visible clipping region of this Graphics.


The unit for resulting rectangle is designated by the PageUnit property. The default unit is pixels. A Graphics is typically associated with a control and the origin of the rectangle will be relative to the client area of that control.

The visible clipping region is the intersection of the clipping region of this Graphics and the clipping region of the window.

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