ImageFlags ImageFlags ImageFlags ImageFlags Enum


Specifies the attributes of the pixel data contained in an Image object. The Flags property returns a member of this enumeration.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class ImageFlags
public enum ImageFlags
type ImageFlags = 
Public Enum ImageFlags


Caching Caching Caching Caching 131072

The pixel data can be cached for faster access.

ColorSpaceCmyk ColorSpaceCmyk ColorSpaceCmyk ColorSpaceCmyk 32

The pixel data uses a CMYK color space.

ColorSpaceGray ColorSpaceGray ColorSpaceGray ColorSpaceGray 64

The pixel data is grayscale.

ColorSpaceRgb ColorSpaceRgb ColorSpaceRgb ColorSpaceRgb 16

The pixel data uses an RGB color space.

ColorSpaceYcbcr ColorSpaceYcbcr ColorSpaceYcbcr ColorSpaceYcbcr 128

Specifies that the image is stored using a YCBCR color space.

ColorSpaceYcck ColorSpaceYcck ColorSpaceYcck ColorSpaceYcck 256

Specifies that the image is stored using a YCCK color space.

HasAlpha HasAlpha HasAlpha HasAlpha 2

The pixel data contains alpha information.

HasRealDpi HasRealDpi HasRealDpi HasRealDpi 4096

Specifies that dots per inch information is stored in the image.

HasRealPixelSize HasRealPixelSize HasRealPixelSize HasRealPixelSize 8192

Specifies that the pixel size is stored in the image.

HasTranslucent HasTranslucent HasTranslucent HasTranslucent 4

Specifies that the pixel data has alpha values other than 0 (transparent) and 255 (opaque).

None None None None 0

There is no format information.

PartiallyScalable PartiallyScalable PartiallyScalable PartiallyScalable 8

The pixel data is partially scalable, but there are some limitations.

ReadOnly ReadOnly ReadOnly ReadOnly 65536

The pixel data is read-only.

Scalable Scalable Scalable Scalable 1

The pixel data is scalable.

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