PaperSourceKind Enum


Standard paper sources.

public enum class PaperSourceKind
public enum PaperSourceKind
public enum PaperSourceKind
type PaperSourceKind = 
Public Enum PaperSourceKind


AutomaticFeed 7

Automatically fed paper.

Cassette 14

A paper cassette.

Custom 257

A printer-specific paper source.

Envelope 5

An envelope.

FormSource 15

The printer's default input bin.

LargeCapacity 11

The printer's large-capacity bin.

LargeFormat 10

Large-format paper.

Lower 2

The lower bin of a printer.

Manual 4

Manually fed paper.

ManualFeed 6

Manually fed envelope.

Middle 3

The middle bin of a printer.

SmallFormat 9

Small-format paper.

TractorFeed 8

A tractor feed.

Upper 1

The upper bin of a printer (or the default bin, if the printer only has one bin).


This enumeration is used by the PaperSource.Kind property.

For more information on printing, see the System.Drawing.Printing namespace overview.

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