LogRecordFlags LogRecordFlags LogRecordFlags LogRecordFlags Enum


Describes the origin of a Compensating Resource Manager (CRM) log record.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class LogRecordFlags
public enum LogRecordFlags
type LogRecordFlags = 
Public Enum LogRecordFlags


ForgetTarget ForgetTarget ForgetTarget ForgetTarget 1

Indicates the delivered record should be forgotten.

ReplayInProgress ReplayInProgress ReplayInProgress ReplayInProgress 64

Log record was written when replay was in progress.

WrittenDuringAbort WrittenDuringAbort WrittenDuringAbort WrittenDuringAbort 8

Log record was written during abort.

WrittenDuringCommit WrittenDuringCommit WrittenDuringCommit WrittenDuringCommit 4

Log record was written during commit.

WrittenDuringPrepare WrittenDuringPrepare WrittenDuringPrepare WrittenDuringPrepare 2

Log record was written during prepare.

WrittenDuringReplay WrittenDuringReplay WrittenDuringReplay WrittenDuringReplay 32

Log record was written during replay.

WrittenDurringRecovery WrittenDurringRecovery WrittenDurringRecovery WrittenDurringRecovery 16

Log record was written during recovery.

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