IComSoapPublisher.UnRegisterAssembly(String) Method


Unregisters a COM interop assembly.

 void UnRegisterAssembly(System::String ^ AssemblyPath);
public void UnRegisterAssembly (string AssemblyPath);
abstract member UnRegisterAssembly : string -> unit
Public Sub UnRegisterAssembly (AssemblyPath As String)



The file system path for the assembly.


A caller in the call chain does not have permission to access unmanaged code.


A codebase that does not start with "file://" was specified without the required WebPermission.

AssemblyPath is null.

AssemblyPath is not found, or a file name extension is not specified.

AssemblyPath is not a valid assembly.

An assembly or module was loaded twice with two different evidences, or the assembly name exceeds the system-defined maximum length.

A method marked with ComUnregisterFunctionAttribute is not static.


There is more than one method marked with ComUnregisterFunctionAttribute at a given level of the hierarchy.


The signature of the method marked with ComUnregisterFunctionAttribute is not valid.


The implementation of UnRegisterAssembly uses Regasm.exe to unregister the creatable classes in the assembly. For more information, see Regasm.exe (Assembly Registration Tool).

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