CookieHandlerMode Enum


Specifies the cookie handler modes that are supported.

Defines the possible values of the Mode property. This property defines the kind of cookie handler that a CookieHandlerElement object configures. For more information, see the CookieHandlerElement class.

public enum class CookieHandlerMode
public enum CookieHandlerMode
type CookieHandlerMode = 
Public Enum CookieHandlerMode


Chunked 1

Specifies a chunked cookie handler; a cookie handler that is an instance of or that derives from the ChunkedCookieHandler class.

Custom 2

Specifies a custom cookie handler; a custom cookie handler that derives from the CookieHandler class.

Default 0

Specifies that the default type of cookie handler is used. For the CookieHandlerElement class the default is a chunked cookie handler.

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