WSFederationAuthenticationModule.SigningOut Event


Occurs before deleting the session during sign-out.

 event EventHandler<System::IdentityModel::Services::SigningOutEventArgs ^> ^ SigningOut;
public event EventHandler<System.IdentityModel.Services.SigningOutEventArgs> SigningOut;
member this.SigningOut : EventHandler<System.IdentityModel.Services.SigningOutEventArgs> 
Public Event SigningOut As EventHandler(Of SigningOutEventArgs) 


This event is raised through a call to the OnSigningOut method from inside the WSFederationAuthenticationModule.SignOut(Boolean) method while signing out of the session at the relying party (RP). The event is not raised when doing federated sign-out through the FederatedSignOut method.

You can add an event handler to perform any additional processing that is needed by your application before the session cookie is deleted. You can read the IsIPInitiated property in the event handler to determine whether the sign-out is the result of receiving a WS-Federation sign-out clean-up request message ("wsignoutcleanup1.0") from a security token service (STS) or whether it was initiated at the RP.

This event is not guaranteed to be called for every session. Cookies may be deleted at the client side, for example, so this event would never be raised.

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