SecurityKeyIdentifier.Find SecurityKeyIdentifier.Find SecurityKeyIdentifier.Find SecurityKeyIdentifier.Find Method


Searches for a key identifier clause of the specified type and returns the first occurrence within the entire collection.

generic <typename TClause>
 where TClause : System::IdentityModel::Tokens::SecurityKeyIdentifierClause TClause Find();
public TClause Find<TClause> () where TClause : System.IdentityModel.Tokens.SecurityKeyIdentifierClause;
member this.Find : unit -> 'Clause (requires 'Clause :> System.IdentityModel.Tokens.SecurityKeyIdentifierClause)
Public Function Find(Of TClause As SecurityKeyIdentifierClause) () As TClause

Type Parameters


A SecurityKeyIdentifierClause that represents the type of key identifier clause to search the collection for.


TClause TClause TClause TClause

The first SecurityKeyIdentifierClause in the collection that is of the type specified in the TClause parameter.


The collection does not contain a key identifier clause of the type specified in the TClause parameter.

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