FileSystemEntry FileSystemEntry FileSystemEntry FileSystemEntry Struct


Provides a lower level view of FileSystemInfo to help process and filter find results.

public value class FileSystemEntry
public struct FileSystemEntry
type FileSystemEntry = struct
Public Structure FileSystemEntry


Attributes Attributes Attributes Attributes

Gets the attributes for this entry.

CreationTimeUtc CreationTimeUtc CreationTimeUtc CreationTimeUtc

Gets the creation time for the entry or the oldest available time stamp if the operating system does not support creation time stamps.

Directory Directory Directory Directory

Gets the full path of the directory this entry resides in.

FileName FileName FileName FileName

Gets the file name for this entry.

IsDirectory IsDirectory IsDirectory IsDirectory

Gets a value that indicates whether this entry is a directory.

IsHidden IsHidden IsHidden IsHidden

Gets a value that indicates whether the file has the hidden attribute.

LastAccessTimeUtc LastAccessTimeUtc LastAccessTimeUtc LastAccessTimeUtc

Gets a datetime offset that represents the last access time in UTC.

LastWriteTimeUtc LastWriteTimeUtc LastWriteTimeUtc LastWriteTimeUtc

Gets a datetime offset that represents the last write time in UTC.

Length Length Length Length

Gets the length of the file, in bytes.

OriginalRootDirectory OriginalRootDirectory OriginalRootDirectory OriginalRootDirectory

Gets the root directory for the enumeration as specified in the constructor.

RootDirectory RootDirectory RootDirectory RootDirectory

Gets the full path of the root directory used for the enumeration.


ToFileSystemInfo() ToFileSystemInfo() ToFileSystemInfo() ToFileSystemInfo()

Converts the value of this instance to a FileSystemInfo.

ToFullPath() ToFullPath() ToFullPath() ToFullPath()

Returns the full path of the find result.

ToSpecifiedFullPath() ToSpecifiedFullPath() ToSpecifiedFullPath() ToSpecifiedFullPath()

Returns the full path for the find results, based on the initially provided path.

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