IRecordSequence.BeginFlush(SequenceNumber, AsyncCallback, Object) IRecordSequence.BeginFlush(SequenceNumber, AsyncCallback, Object) IRecordSequence.BeginFlush(SequenceNumber, AsyncCallback, Object) Method


When overridden in a derived class, begins an asynchronous flush operation, using space previously reserved in the sequence.

 IAsyncResult ^ BeginFlush(System::IO::Log::SequenceNumber sequenceNumber, AsyncCallback ^ callback, System::Object ^ state);
public IAsyncResult BeginFlush (System.IO.Log.SequenceNumber sequenceNumber, AsyncCallback callback, object state);
abstract member BeginFlush : System.IO.Log.SequenceNumber * AsyncCallback * obj -> IAsyncResult


SequenceNumber SequenceNumber SequenceNumber

The sequence number of the latest record that must be written. If this SequenceNumber is invalid, then all records must be written.

AsyncCallback AsyncCallback AsyncCallback

An optional asynchronous callback, to be called when the flush is complete.

Object Object Object

A user-provided object that distinguishes this particular asynchronous flush request from other requests.


An IAsyncResult that represents the asynchronous flush operation, which could still be pending.


One or more of the arguments is invalid.

An I/O error occurred while flushing the data.

The method was called after the sequence has been disposed of.


You should pass the IAsyncResult returned by the current method to the EndFlush method to ensure that the flush completes and resources are freed appropriately. If an error occurs during an asynchronous flush, an exception is not thrown until the EndFlush method is called with the IAsyncResult returned by this method.

Calling this method ensures that all records that have been appended to the IRecordSequence are durably written.

If a record sequence has been disposed of, or if you pass an invalid argument, exceptions are thrown immediately within this operation. Errors that occurred during an asynchronous flush request, for example, a disk failure during the I/O request, will result in exceptions being thrown when the EndFlush method is called.

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