AuthenticationLevel AuthenticationLevel AuthenticationLevel AuthenticationLevel Enum


Describes the authentication level to be used to connect to WMI. This is used for the COM connection to WMI.

public enum class AuthenticationLevel
public enum AuthenticationLevel
type AuthenticationLevel = 
Public Enum AuthenticationLevel


Call Call Call Call 3

Call-level COM authentication.

Connect Connect Connect Connect 2

Connect-level COM authentication.

Default Default Default Default 0

The default COM authentication level. WMI uses the default Windows Authentication setting.

None None None None 1

No COM authentication.

Packet Packet Packet Packet 4

Packet-level COM authentication.

PacketIntegrity PacketIntegrity PacketIntegrity PacketIntegrity 5

Packet Integrity-level COM authentication.

PacketPrivacy PacketPrivacy PacketPrivacy PacketPrivacy 6

Packet Privacy-level COM authentication.

Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged -1

Authentication level should remain as it was before.

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