ApplicationInfo ApplicationInfo ApplicationInfo Class


Provides information for applications that are not directly executable by Monad.

public class ApplicationInfo : System.Management.Automation.CommandInfo
type ApplicationInfo = class
    inherit CommandInfo
Public Class ApplicationInfo
Inherits CommandInfo


An application is any file that is executable by Windows either directly or through
file associations excluding any .ps1 files or cmdlets.


CommandType CommandType CommandType Inherited from CommandInfo
Definition Definition Definition

Gets the path of the application file.

Extension Extension Extension

Gets the extension of the application file.

Module Module Module Inherited from CommandInfo
ModuleName ModuleName ModuleName Inherited from CommandInfo
Name Name Name Inherited from CommandInfo
OutputType OutputType OutputType

An application could return nothing, but commonly it returns a string.

ParameterSets ParameterSets ParameterSets Inherited from CommandInfo
Parameters Parameters Parameters Inherited from CommandInfo
Path Path Path

Gets the path for the application file.

RemotingCapability RemotingCapability RemotingCapability Inherited from CommandInfo
Source Source Source

Gets the source of this command

Version Version Version

Gets the source version

Visibility Visibility Visibility

Determine the visibility for this script...


ResolveParameter(String) ResolveParameter(String) ResolveParameter(String) Inherited from CommandInfo
ToString() ToString() ToString() Inherited from CommandInfo

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