CommandInvocationIntrinsics.PostCommandLookupAction Property


This event handler is after the command lookup is done but before the event object is returned to the caller. This allows things like interning scripts to work. If should have a single string parameter that is the name of the command and should return a CommandInfo object or null.

 property EventHandler<System::Management::Automation::CommandLookupEventArgs ^> ^ PostCommandLookupAction { EventHandler<System::Management::Automation::CommandLookupEventArgs ^> ^ get(); void set(EventHandler<System::Management::Automation::CommandLookupEventArgs ^> ^ value); };
public EventHandler<System.Management.Automation.CommandLookupEventArgs> PostCommandLookupAction { get; set; }
member this.PostCommandLookupAction : EventHandler<System.Management.Automation.CommandLookupEventArgs> with get, set
Public Property PostCommandLookupAction As EventHandler(Of CommandLookupEventArgs)

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