CommandParameterInfo CommandParameterInfo CommandParameterInfo Class


Provides information about a cmdlet parameter for a particular parameter set.

public class CommandParameterInfo
type CommandParameterInfo = class
Public Class CommandParameterInfo


Aliases Aliases Aliases

Gets the aliases by which this parameter can be referenced.

Attributes Attributes Attributes

Gets the attributes that are specified on the parameter.

HelpMessage HelpMessage HelpMessage

Gets the help message for this parameter.

IsDynamic IsDynamic IsDynamic

Gets whether or not the parameter is mandatory.

IsMandatory IsMandatory IsMandatory

Gets whether or not the parameter is a dynamic parameter.

Name Name Name

Gets the name of the parameter.

ParameterType ParameterType ParameterType

Gets the type of the parameter.

Position Position Position

Gets the position in which the parameter can be specified on the command line if not named. If the returned value is int.MinValue then the parameter must be named.

ValueFromPipeline ValueFromPipeline ValueFromPipeline

Gets whether the parameter can take values from the incoming pipeline object.

ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName

Gets whether the parameter can take values from a property inn the incoming pipeline object with the same name as the parameter.

ValueFromRemainingArguments ValueFromRemainingArguments ValueFromRemainingArguments

Gets whether the parameter will take any argument that isn't bound to another parameter.

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