CompletionResultType CompletionResultType CompletionResultType Enum


Possible types of CompletionResults

public enum CompletionResultType
type CompletionResultType = 
Public Enum CompletionResultType


Command Command Command

A command result type like the items out of get-command

DynamicKeyword DynamicKeyword DynamicKeyword

A dynamic keyword

History History History

A history result type like the items out of get-history

Keyword Keyword Keyword

A keyword

Method Method Method

A method result type like the method items out of get-member

Namespace Namespace Namespace

A namespace

ParameterName ParameterName ParameterName

A parameter name result type like the Parameters property out of get-command items

ParameterValue ParameterValue ParameterValue

A parameter value result type

Property Property Property

A property result type like the property items out of get-member

ProviderContainer ProviderContainer ProviderContainer

A provider container

ProviderItem ProviderItem ProviderItem

A provider item

Text Text Text

An unknown result type, kept as text only

Type Type Type

A type name

Variable Variable Variable

A variable result type like the items out of get-childitem variable: