ExternalScriptInfo ExternalScriptInfo ExternalScriptInfo Class


Provides information for MSH scripts that are directly executable by MSH but are not built into the runspace configuration.

public class ExternalScriptInfo : System.Management.Automation.CommandInfo
type ExternalScriptInfo = class
    inherit CommandInfo
    interface IScriptCommandInfo
Public Class ExternalScriptInfo
Inherits CommandInfo


CommandType CommandType CommandType Inherited from CommandInfo
Definition Definition Definition

Gets the path to the script file.

Module Module Module Inherited from CommandInfo
ModuleName ModuleName ModuleName Inherited from CommandInfo
Name Name Name Inherited from CommandInfo
OriginalEncoding OriginalEncoding OriginalEncoding

Gets the original encoding of the script.

OutputType OutputType OutputType

The output type(s) is specified in the script block

ParameterSets ParameterSets ParameterSets Inherited from CommandInfo
Parameters Parameters Parameters Inherited from CommandInfo
Path Path Path

Gets the path to the script file.

RemotingCapability RemotingCapability RemotingCapability Inherited from CommandInfo
ScriptBlock ScriptBlock ScriptBlock

The script block that represents the external script

ScriptContents ScriptContents ScriptContents

Gets the original contents of the script.

Source Source Source

Gets the source of this command

Version Version Version Inherited from CommandInfo
Visibility Visibility Visibility

Determine the visibility for this script...


ResolveParameter(String) ResolveParameter(String) ResolveParameter(String) Inherited from CommandInfo
ToString() ToString() ToString() Inherited from CommandInfo
ValidateScriptInfo(PSHost) ValidateScriptInfo(PSHost) ValidateScriptInfo(PSHost)

Validates the external script info

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