JobRepository JobRepository JobRepository Class


class which has list of job objects currently active in the system.

public class JobRepository : System.Management.Automation.Repository<System.Management.Automation.Job>
type JobRepository = class
    inherit Repository<Job>
Public Class JobRepository
Inherits Repository(Of Job)


Jobs Jobs Jobs

Returns the list of available job objects


Add(T) Add(T) Add(T) Inherited from Repository<T>
GetItem(Guid) GetItem(Guid) GetItem(Guid) Inherited from Repository<T>
GetItems() GetItems() GetItems() Inherited from Repository<T>
GetJob(Guid) GetJob(Guid) GetJob(Guid)

Returns the Job whose InstanceId matches the parameter.

GetKey(Job) GetKey(Job) GetKey(Job)

Returns the instance id of the job as key

GetKey(T) GetKey(T) GetKey(T) Inherited from Repository<T>
Remove(T) Remove(T) Remove(T) Inherited from Repository<T>

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