JobSourceAdapter JobSourceAdapter JobSourceAdapter Class


Abstract class for a job store which will contain the jobs of a specific type.

public abstract class JobSourceAdapter
type JobSourceAdapter = class
Public MustInherit Class JobSourceAdapter


JobSourceAdapter() JobSourceAdapter() JobSourceAdapter()


Name Name Name

Name for this store


GetJobByInstanceId(Guid, Boolean) GetJobByInstanceId(Guid, Boolean) GetJobByInstanceId(Guid, Boolean)

Get list of jobs that has the specified id

GetJobBySessionId(Int32, Boolean) GetJobBySessionId(Int32, Boolean) GetJobBySessionId(Int32, Boolean)

Get job that has specific session id

GetJobs() GetJobs() GetJobs()

Get the list of jobs that are currently available in this store

GetJobsByCommand(String, Boolean) GetJobsByCommand(String, Boolean) GetJobsByCommand(String, Boolean)

Get list of jobs that run the specified command

GetJobsByFilter(Dictionary<String,Object>, Boolean) GetJobsByFilter(Dictionary<String,Object>, Boolean) GetJobsByFilter(Dictionary<String,Object>, Boolean)

Get list of jobs based on the adapter specific filter parameters

GetJobsByName(String, Boolean) GetJobsByName(String, Boolean) GetJobsByName(String, Boolean)

Get list of jobs that matches the specified names

GetJobsByState(JobState, Boolean) GetJobsByState(JobState, Boolean) GetJobsByState(JobState, Boolean)

Get list of jobs that are in the specified state

NewJob(JobDefinition) NewJob(JobDefinition) NewJob(JobDefinition)

Create a new job with the specified definition

NewJob(JobInvocationInfo) NewJob(JobInvocationInfo) NewJob(JobInvocationInfo)

Create a new job with the specified JobSpecification

NewJob(String, String) NewJob(String, String) NewJob(String, String)

Creates a new job with the definition as specified by the provided definition name and path. If path is null then a default location will be used to find the job definition by name.

PersistJob(Job2) PersistJob(Job2) PersistJob(Job2)

Saves the job to a persisted store.

RemoveJob(Job2) RemoveJob(Job2) RemoveJob(Job2)

Remove a job from the store

RetrieveJobIdForReuse(Guid) RetrieveJobIdForReuse(Guid) RetrieveJobIdForReuse(Guid)

Get a token that allows for construction of a job with a previously assigned Id and InstanceId. This is only possible if this JobSourceAdapter is the creator of the original job. The original job must have been saved using "SaveJobIdForReconstruction"

StoreJobIdForReuse(Job2, Boolean) StoreJobIdForReuse(Job2, Boolean) StoreJobIdForReuse(Job2, Boolean)

Saves the Id information for a job so that it can be constructed at a later time. This will only allow this job source adapter type to recreate the job.

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