TokenKind TokenKind TokenKind TokenKind Enum


The specific kind of token.

public enum class TokenKind
public enum TokenKind
type TokenKind = 
Public Enum TokenKind


Ampersand Ampersand Ampersand Ampersand 28

The invocation operator '&'.

And And And And 53

The logical and operator '-and'.

AndAnd AndAnd AndAnd AndAnd 26

The (unimplemented) operator '&&'.

As As As As 94

The type conversion operator '-as'.

Assembly Assembly Assembly Assembly 165

The 'assembly' keyword

AtCurly AtCurly AtCurly AtCurly 23

The opening token of a hash expression '@{'.

AtParen AtParen AtParen AtParen 22

The opening token of an array expression '@('.

Band Band Band Band 56

The bitwise and operator '-band'.

Base Base Base Base 168

The 'base' keyword

Begin Begin Begin Begin 119

The 'begin' keyword.

Bnot Bnot Bnot Bnot 52

The bitwise not operator '-bnot'.

Bor Bor Bor Bor 57

The bitwise or operator '-bor'.

Break Break Break Break 120

The 'break' keyword.

Bxor Bxor Bxor Bxor 58

The bitwise exclusive or operator '-xor'.

Catch Catch Catch Catch 121

The 'catch' keyword.

Ccontains Ccontains Ccontains Ccontains 87

The case sensitive contains operator '-ccontains'.

Ceq Ceq Ceq Ceq 76

The case sensitive equal operator '-ceq'.

Cge Cge Cge Cge 78

The case sensitive greater than or equal operator '-cge'.

Cgt Cgt Cgt Cgt 79

The case sensitive greater than operator '-cgt'.

Cin Cin Cin Cin 89

The case sensitive in operator '-cin'.

Class Class Class Class 122

The 'class' keyword.

Cle Cle Cle Cle 81

The case sensitive less than or equal operator '-cle'.

Clike Clike Clike Clike 82

The case sensitive like operator '-clike'.

Clt Clt Clt Clt 80

The case sensitive less than operator '-clt'.

Cmatch Cmatch Cmatch Cmatch 84

The case sensitive match operator '-cmatch'.

Cne Cne Cne Cne 77

The case sensitive not equal operator '-cne'.

Cnotcontains Cnotcontains Cnotcontains Cnotcontains 88

The case sensitive not contains operator '-cnotcontains'.

Cnotin Cnotin Cnotin Cnotin 90

The case sensitive not in operator '-notin'.

Cnotlike Cnotlike Cnotlike Cnotlike 83

The case sensitive notlike operator '-cnotlike'.

Cnotmatch Cnotmatch Cnotmatch Cnotmatch 85

The case sensitive not match operator '-cnotmatch'.

Colon Colon Colon Colon 99

The PS class base class and implemented interfaces operator ':'. Also used in base class ctor calls.

ColonColon ColonColon ColonColon ColonColon 34

The static member access operator '::'.

Comma Comma Comma Comma 30

The unary or binary array operator ','.

Command Command Command Command 166

The 'command' keyword

Comment Comment Comment Comment 10

A single line comment, or a delimited comment.

Configuration Configuration Configuration Configuration 155

The "configuration" keyword

Continue Continue Continue Continue 123

The 'continue' keyword.

Creplace Creplace Creplace Creplace 86

The case sensitive replace operator '-creplace'.

Csplit Csplit Csplit Csplit 91

The case sensitive split operator '-csplit'.

Data Data Data Data 124

The 'data' keyword.

Define Define Define Define 125

The (unimplemented) 'define' keyword.

Divide Divide Divide Divide 38

The division operator '/'.

DivideEquals DivideEquals DivideEquals DivideEquals 46

The division assignment operator '/='.

Do Do Do Do 126

The 'do' keyword.

DollarParen DollarParen DollarParen DollarParen 24

The opening token of a sub-expression '$('.

Dot Dot Dot Dot 35

The instance member access or dot source invocation operator '.'.

DotDot DotDot DotDot DotDot 33

The range operator '..'.

DynamicKeyword DynamicKeyword DynamicKeyword DynamicKeyword 156

The token kind for dynamic keywords

Dynamicparam Dynamicparam Dynamicparam Dynamicparam 127

The 'dynamicparam' keyword.

Else Else Else Else 128

The 'else' keyword.

ElseIf ElseIf ElseIf ElseIf 129

The 'elseif' keyword.

End End End End 130

The 'end' keyword.

EndOfInput EndOfInput EndOfInput EndOfInput 11

Marks the end of the input script or file.

Enum Enum Enum Enum 161

The 'enum' keyword

Equals Equals Equals Equals 42

The assignment operator '='.

Exclaim Exclaim Exclaim Exclaim 36

The logical not operator '!'.

Exit Exit Exit Exit 131

The 'exit' keyword.

Filter Filter Filter Filter 132

The 'filter' keyword.

Finally Finally Finally Finally 133

The 'finally' keyword.

For For For For 134

The 'for' keyword.

Foreach Foreach Foreach Foreach 135

The 'foreach' keyword.

Format Format Format Format 50

The string format operator '-f'.

From From From From 136

The (unimplemented) 'from' keyword.

Function Function Function Function 137

The 'function' keyword.

Generic Generic Generic Generic 7

A token that is only valid as a command name, command argument, function name, or configuration name. It may contain characters not allowed in identifiers. Tokens with this kind are always instances of StringLiteralToken or StringExpandableToken if the token contains variable references or subexpressions.

HereStringExpandable HereStringExpandable HereStringExpandable HereStringExpandable 15

A double quoted here string literal. Tokens with this kind are always instances of StringExpandableToken. even if there are no nested tokens to expand.

HereStringLiteral HereStringLiteral HereStringLiteral HereStringLiteral 14

A single quoted here string literal. Tokens with this kind are always instances of StringLiteralToken.

Hidden Hidden Hidden Hidden 167

The 'hidden' keyword

Icontains Icontains Icontains Icontains 71

The case insensitive contains operator '-icontains' or '-contains'.

Identifier Identifier Identifier Identifier 6

A simple identifier, always begins with a letter or '', and is followed by letters, numbers, or ''.

Ieq Ieq Ieq Ieq 60

The case insensitive equal operator '-ieq' or '-eq'.

If If If If 138

The 'if' keyword.

Ige Ige Ige Ige 62

The case insensitive greater than or equal operator '-ige' or '-ge'.

Igt Igt Igt Igt 63

The case insensitive greater than operator '-igt' or '-gt'.

Iin Iin Iin Iin 73

The case insensitive in operator '-iin' or '-in'.

Ile Ile Ile Ile 65

The case insensitive less than or equal operator '-ile' or '-le'.

Ilike Ilike Ilike Ilike 66

The case insensitive like operator '-ilike' or '-like'.

Ilt Ilt Ilt Ilt 64

The case insensitive less than operator '-ilt' or '-lt'.

Imatch Imatch Imatch Imatch 68

The case insensitive match operator '-imatch' or '-match'.

In In In In 139

The 'in' keyword.

Ine Ine Ine Ine 61

The case insensitive not equal operator '-ine' or '-ne'.

InlineScript InlineScript InlineScript InlineScript 154

The 'InlineScript' keyword

Inotcontains Inotcontains Inotcontains Inotcontains 72

The case insensitive notcontains operator '-inotcontains' or '-notcontains'.

Inotin Inotin Inotin Inotin 74

The case insensitive notin operator '-inotin' or '-notin'

Inotlike Inotlike Inotlike Inotlike 67

The case insensitive not like operator '-inotlike' or '-notlike'.

Inotmatch Inotmatch Inotmatch Inotmatch 69

The case insensitive not match operator '-inotmatch' or '-notmatch'.

Interface Interface Interface Interface 160

The 'interface' keyword

Ireplace Ireplace Ireplace Ireplace 70

The case insensitive replace operator '-ireplace' or '-replace'.

Is Is Is Is 92

The type test operator '-is'.

IsNot IsNot IsNot IsNot 93

The type test operator '-isnot'.

Isplit Isplit Isplit Isplit 75

The case insensitive split operator '-isplit' or '-split'.

Join Join Join Join 59

The join operator '-join'.

Label Label Label Label 5

A label token - always begins with ':', followed by the label name. Tokens with this kind are always instances of LabelToken.

LBracket LBracket LBracket LBracket 20

The opening square brace token '['.

LCurly LCurly LCurly LCurly 18

The opening curly brace token '{'.

LineContinuation LineContinuation LineContinuation LineContinuation 9

A line continuation (backtick followed by newline).

LParen LParen LParen LParen 16

The opening parenthesis token '('.

Minus Minus Minus Minus 41

The substraction operator '-'.

MinusEquals MinusEquals MinusEquals MinusEquals 44

The subtraction assignment operator '-='.

MinusMinus MinusMinus MinusMinus MinusMinus 31

The pre-decrement operator '--'.

Module Module Module Module 163

The 'module' keyword

Multiply Multiply Multiply Multiply 37

The multiplication operator '*'.

MultiplyEquals MultiplyEquals MultiplyEquals MultiplyEquals 45

The multiplcation assignment operator '*='.

Namespace Namespace Namespace Namespace 162

The 'namespace' keyword

NewLine NewLine NewLine NewLine 8

A newline (one of '\n', '\r', or '\r\n').

Not Not Not Not 51

The logical not operator '-not'.

Number Number Number Number 4

Any numerical literal token. Tokens with this kind are always instances of NumberToken.

Or Or Or Or 54

The logical or operator '-or'.

OrOr OrOr OrOr OrOr 27

The (unimplemented) operator '||'.

Parallel Parallel Parallel Parallel 152

The 'parallel' keyword.

Param Param Param Param 140

The 'param' keyword.

Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter 3

A parameter to a command, always begins with a dash ('-'), followed by the parameter name. Tokens with this kind are always instances of ParameterToken.

Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe 29

The pipe operator '|'.

Plus Plus Plus Plus 40

The addition operator '+'.

PlusEquals PlusEquals PlusEquals PlusEquals 43

The addition assignment operator '+='.

PlusPlus PlusPlus PlusPlus PlusPlus 32

The pre-increment operator '++'.

PostfixMinusMinus PostfixMinusMinus PostfixMinusMinus PostfixMinusMinus 96

The post-decrement operator '--'.

PostfixPlusPlus PostfixPlusPlus PostfixPlusPlus PostfixPlusPlus 95

The post-increment operator '++'.

Private Private Private Private 158

The 'private' keyword

Process Process Process Process 141

The 'process' keyword.

Public Public Public Public 157

The 'public' keyword

RBracket RBracket RBracket RBracket 21

The closing square brace token ']'.

RCurly RCurly RCurly RCurly 19

The closing curly brace token '}'.

RedirectInStd RedirectInStd RedirectInStd RedirectInStd 49

The (unimplemented) stdin redirection operator '<'.

Redirection Redirection Redirection Redirection 48

A redirection operator such as '2>&1' or '>>'.

Rem Rem Rem Rem 39

The modulo division (remainder) operator '%'.

RemainderEquals RemainderEquals RemainderEquals RemainderEquals 47

The modulo division (remainder) assignment operator '%='.

Return Return Return Return 142

The 'return' keyword.

RParen RParen RParen RParen 17

The closing parenthesis token ')'.

Semi Semi Semi Semi 25

The statement terminator ';'.

Sequence Sequence Sequence Sequence 153

The 'sequence' keyword.

Shl Shl Shl Shl 97

The shift left operator.

Shr Shr Shr Shr 98

The shift right operator.

SplattedVariable SplattedVariable SplattedVariable SplattedVariable 2

A splatted variable token, always begins with '@' and followed by the variable name. Tokens with this kind are always instances of VariableToken.

Static Static Static Static 159

The 'static' keyword

StringExpandable StringExpandable StringExpandable StringExpandable 13

A double quoted string literal. Tokens with this kind are always instances of StringExpandableToken even if there are no nested tokens to expand.

StringLiteral StringLiteral StringLiteral StringLiteral 12

A single quoted string literal. Tokens with this kind are always instances of StringLiteralToken.

Switch Switch Switch Switch 143

The 'switch' keyword.

Throw Throw Throw Throw 144

The 'throw' keyword.

Trap Trap Trap Trap 145

The 'trap' keyword.

Try Try Try Try 146

The 'try' keyword.

Type Type Type Type 164

The 'type' keyword

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

An unknown token, signifies an error condition.

Until Until Until Until 147

The 'until' keyword.

Using Using Using Using 148

The (unimplemented) 'using' keyword.

Var Var Var Var 149

The (unimplemented) 'var' keyword.

Variable Variable Variable Variable 1

A variable token, always begins with '$' and followed by the variable name, possibly enclose in curly braces. Tokens with this kind are always instances of VariableToken.

While While While While 150

The 'while' keyword.

Workflow Workflow Workflow Workflow 151

The 'workflow' keyword.

Xor Xor Xor Xor 55

The logical exclusive or operator '-xor'.

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