IContentCmdletProvider IContentCmdletProvider IContentCmdletProvider IContentCmdletProvider Interface


An interface that can be implemented on a Cmdlet provider to expose an item's content.

public interface class IContentCmdletProvider
public interface IContentCmdletProvider
type IContentCmdletProvider = interface
Public Interface IContentCmdletProvider


An IContentCmdletProvider provider implements a set of methods that allows the use of a set of core commands against the data store that the provider gives access to. By implementing this interface users can take advantage the commands that expose the contents of an item. get-content set-content clear-content

This interface should only be implemented on derived classes of CmdletProvider, ItemCmdletProvider, ContainerCmdletProvider, or NavigationCmdletProvider.

A namespace provider should implemented this interface if items in the namespace have content the provide wishes to expose.


ClearContent(String) ClearContent(String) ClearContent(String) ClearContent(String)

Clears the content from the specified item.

ClearContentDynamicParameters(String) ClearContentDynamicParameters(String) ClearContentDynamicParameters(String) ClearContentDynamicParameters(String)

Gives the provider an opportunity to attach additional parameters to the clear-content cmdlet.

GetContentReader(String) GetContentReader(String) GetContentReader(String) GetContentReader(String)

Gets the content reader for the item at the specified path.

GetContentReaderDynamicParameters(String) GetContentReaderDynamicParameters(String) GetContentReaderDynamicParameters(String) GetContentReaderDynamicParameters(String)

Gives the provider an opportunity to attach additional parameters to the get-content cmdlet.

GetContentWriter(String) GetContentWriter(String) GetContentWriter(String) GetContentWriter(String)

Gets the content writer for the item at the specified path.

GetContentWriterDynamicParameters(String) GetContentWriterDynamicParameters(String) GetContentWriterDynamicParameters(String) GetContentWriterDynamicParameters(String)

Gives the provider an opportunity to attach additional parameters to the set-content and add-content cmdlet.

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