ProviderInfo ProviderInfo ProviderInfo Class


Information about a loaded Cmdlet Provider

public class ProviderInfo
type ProviderInfo = class
Public Class ProviderInfo


A cmdlet provider may want to derive from this class to provide their
own public members to expose to the user or to cache information related to the provider.


ProviderInfo(ProviderInfo) ProviderInfo(ProviderInfo) ProviderInfo(ProviderInfo)

Constructs an instance of the class using an existing reference as a template.


Capabilities Capabilities Capabilities

Gets the capabilities that are implemented by the provider.

Description Description Description

Gets or sets the description for the provider

Drives Drives Drives

Gets an enumeration of drives that are available for this provider.

HelpFile HelpFile HelpFile

Gets the help file path for the provider.

Home Home Home

Gets or sets the home for the provider.

ImplementingType ImplementingType ImplementingType

Gets the System.Type of the class that implements the provider.

Module Module Module

Gets the module the defined this provider.

ModuleName ModuleName ModuleName

Get the name of the module exporting this provider.

Name Name Name

Gets the name of the provider.

PSSnapIn PSSnapIn PSSnapIn

Gets the Snap-in in which the provider is implemented.

VolumeSeparatedByColon VolumeSeparatedByColon VolumeSeparatedByColon

Gets or sets if the drive-root relative paths on drives of this provider are separated by a colon or not.

This is true for all PSDrives on all platforms, except for filesystems on non-windows platforms


ToString() ToString() ToString()

Gets the string representation of the instance which is the name of the provider.

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