PSChildJobProxy PSChildJobProxy PSChildJobProxy Class


Job class used for children of PSJobProxy jobs.

public sealed class PSChildJobProxy : System.Management.Automation.Job2
type PSChildJobProxy = class
    inherit Job2
Public NotInheritable Class PSChildJobProxy
Inherits Job2


ChildJobs ChildJobs ChildJobs Inherited from Job
Command Command Command Inherited from Job
Debug Debug Debug Inherited from Job
Error Error Error Inherited from Job
Finished Finished Finished Inherited from Job
HasMoreData HasMoreData HasMoreData

Indicates the job has or can have more data on one or more data collection

Id Id Id Inherited from Job
Information Information Information Inherited from Job
InstanceId InstanceId InstanceId Inherited from Job
JobStateInfo JobStateInfo JobStateInfo Inherited from Job
Location Location Location

The location of the job

Name Name Name Inherited from Job
Output Output Output Inherited from Job
PSBeginTime PSBeginTime PSBeginTime Inherited from Job
PSEndTime PSEndTime PSEndTime Inherited from Job
PSJobTypeName PSJobTypeName PSJobTypeName Inherited from Job
Progress Progress Progress Inherited from Job
StartParameters StartParameters StartParameters Inherited from Job2
StatusMessage StatusMessage StatusMessage

Status message

SyncRoot SyncRoot SyncRoot Inherited from Job2
Verbose Verbose Verbose Inherited from Job
Warning Warning Warning Inherited from Job


AutoGenerateJobName() AutoGenerateJobName() AutoGenerateJobName() Inherited from Job
Dispose() Dispose() Dispose() Inherited from Job
Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean) Inherited from Job
DoLoadJobStreams() DoLoadJobStreams() DoLoadJobStreams() Inherited from Job
DoUnloadJobStreams() DoUnloadJobStreams() DoUnloadJobStreams() Inherited from Job
LoadJobStreams() LoadJobStreams() LoadJobStreams() Inherited from Job
OnResumeJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) OnResumeJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) OnResumeJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) Inherited from Job2
OnStartJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) OnStartJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) OnStartJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) Inherited from Job2
OnStopJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) OnStopJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) OnStopJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) Inherited from Job2
OnSuspendJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) OnSuspendJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) OnSuspendJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) Inherited from Job2
OnUnblockJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) OnUnblockJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) OnUnblockJobCompleted(AsyncCompletedEventArgs) Inherited from Job2
ResumeJob() ResumeJob() ResumeJob()

Not supported

ResumeJobAsync() ResumeJobAsync() ResumeJobAsync()

Not supported

SetJobState(JobState) SetJobState(JobState) SetJobState(JobState) Inherited from Job
SetJobState(JobState, Exception) SetJobState(JobState, Exception) SetJobState(JobState, Exception) Inherited from Job2
StartJob() StartJob() StartJob()

Not supported

StartJobAsync() StartJobAsync() StartJobAsync()

Not supported

StopJob() StopJob() StopJob()

Not supported

StopJob(Boolean, String) StopJob(Boolean, String) StopJob(Boolean, String)


StopJobAsync() StopJobAsync() StopJobAsync()

Not supported

StopJobAsync(Boolean, String) StopJobAsync(Boolean, String) StopJobAsync(Boolean, String)


SuspendJob() SuspendJob() SuspendJob()

Not supported

SuspendJob(Boolean, String) SuspendJob(Boolean, String) SuspendJob(Boolean, String)


SuspendJobAsync() SuspendJobAsync() SuspendJobAsync()

Not supported

SuspendJobAsync(Boolean, String) SuspendJobAsync(Boolean, String) SuspendJobAsync(Boolean, String)


UnblockJob() UnblockJob() UnblockJob()

Not supported

UnblockJobAsync() UnblockJobAsync() UnblockJobAsync()

Not supported

UnloadJobStreams() UnloadJobStreams() UnloadJobStreams() Inherited from Job


JobDataAdded JobDataAdded JobDataAdded

This event will be raised whenever data has been added to one of the job object's 6 collections. The event arguments include the job itself, the data type, indicating which collection has data added, and the index.

ResumeJobCompleted ResumeJobCompleted ResumeJobCompleted Inherited from Job2
StartJobCompleted StartJobCompleted StartJobCompleted Inherited from Job2
StateChanged StateChanged StateChanged Inherited from Job
StopJobCompleted StopJobCompleted StopJobCompleted Inherited from Job2
SuspendJobCompleted SuspendJobCompleted SuspendJobCompleted Inherited from Job2
UnblockJobCompleted UnblockJobCompleted UnblockJobCompleted Inherited from Job2

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