PSEvent PSEvent PSEvent Class


Used to access the adapted or base events from the BaseObject

public class PSEvent : System.Management.Automation.PSMemberInfo
type PSEvent = class
    inherit PSMemberInfo
Public Class PSEvent
Inherits PSMemberInfo


It is permitted to subclass PSMethod but there is no established scenario for doing this, nor has it been tested.


IsInstance IsInstance IsInstance Inherited from PSMemberInfo
MemberType MemberType MemberType

Gets the member type

Name Name Name Inherited from PSMemberInfo
TypeNameOfValue TypeNameOfValue TypeNameOfValue

Gets the type of the value for this member. This always returns typeof(PSMethod).FullName.

Value Value Value

Gets the value of this member. The getter returns the actual .NET event that this type wraps.


Copy() Copy() Copy()

returns a new PSMemberInfo that is a copy of this PSMemberInfo

SetMemberName(String) SetMemberName(String) SetMemberName(String) Inherited from PSMemberInfo
ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns the string representation of this member

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