PSInvocationSettings PSInvocationSettings PSInvocationSettings Class


Settings to control command invocation.

public sealed class PSInvocationSettings
type PSInvocationSettings = class
Public NotInheritable Class PSInvocationSettings


PSInvocationSettings() PSInvocationSettings() PSInvocationSettings()

Default Constructor.


AddToHistory AddToHistory AddToHistory

Boolean which tells if the command is added to the history of the Runspace the command is executing in. By default this is false.

ApartmentState ApartmentState ApartmentState

ApartmentState of the thread in which the command is executed.

ErrorActionPreference ErrorActionPreference ErrorActionPreference

Determines how errors should be handled during batch command execution

ExposeFlowControlExceptions ExposeFlowControlExceptions ExposeFlowControlExceptions

When true, allows an unhandled flow control exceptions to propagate to a caller invoking the PowerShell object.

FlowImpersonationPolicy FlowImpersonationPolicy FlowImpersonationPolicy

Used by Powershell remoting infrastructure to flow identity from calling thread to Pipeline Execution Thread.

Host Host Host

Host to use with the Runspace when the command is executed.

RemoteStreamOptions RemoteStreamOptions RemoteStreamOptions

Options for the Error, Warning, Verbose and Debug streams during remote calls

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