PSLanguageMode PSLanguageMode PSLanguageMode Enum


This enum defines what subset of the PowerShell language is permitted when calling into this execution environment.

public enum PSLanguageMode
type PSLanguageMode = 
Public Enum PSLanguageMode


ConstrainedLanguage ConstrainedLanguage ConstrainedLanguage

Exposes a subset of the PowerShell language that limits itself to core PowerShell types, does not support method invocation (except on those types), and does not support property setters (except on those types).

FullLanguage FullLanguage FullLanguage

All PowerShell language elements are available

NoLanguage NoLanguage NoLanguage

Commands containing script text to evaluate are not allowed. You can only call commands using the Runspace APIs when in this mode.

RestrictedLanguage RestrictedLanguage RestrictedLanguage

A subset of language elements are available to external requests