PSListModifier<T> PSListModifier<T> PSListModifier<T> Class


A generic version of PSListModifier that exists for the sole purpose of making cmdlets that accept a PSListModifier more usable. Users that look at the syntax of the command will see something like PSListModifier[Mailbox] and know they need to pass in Mailboxes.

public class PSListModifier<T> : System.Management.Automation.PSListModifier
type PSListModifier<'T> = class
    inherit PSListModifier
Public Class PSListModifier(Of T)
Inherits PSListModifier
Type Parameters

The list element type



PSListModifier<T>() PSListModifier<T>() PSListModifier<T>()

Create a new PSListModifier with empty lists for Add/Remove.

PSListModifier<T>(Collection<Object>, Collection<Object>) PSListModifier<T>(Collection<Object>, Collection<Object>) PSListModifier<T>(Collection<Object>, Collection<Object>)

Create a new PSListModifier with the specified add and remove lists.

PSListModifier<T>(Hashtable) PSListModifier<T>(Hashtable) PSListModifier<T>(Hashtable)

Create a new PSListModifier with the specified add and remove lists (in the hash.)

PSListModifier<T>(Object) PSListModifier<T>(Object) PSListModifier<T>(Object)

Create a new PSListModifier to replace a given list with replaceItems.


Add Add Add Inherited from PSListModifier
Remove Remove Remove Inherited from PSListModifier
Replace Replace Replace Inherited from PSListModifier


ApplyTo(IList) ApplyTo(IList) ApplyTo(IList) Inherited from PSListModifier
ApplyTo(Object) ApplyTo(Object) ApplyTo(Object) Inherited from PSListModifier

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