PSModuleInfo PSModuleInfo PSModuleInfo PSModuleInfo Class


Class describing a PowerShell module...

public ref class PSModuleInfo sealed
public sealed class PSModuleInfo
type PSModuleInfo = class
Public NotInheritable Class PSModuleInfo


PSModuleInfo(Boolean) PSModuleInfo(Boolean) PSModuleInfo(Boolean) PSModuleInfo(Boolean)

Default constructor to create an empty module info.

PSModuleInfo(ScriptBlock) PSModuleInfo(ScriptBlock) PSModuleInfo(ScriptBlock) PSModuleInfo(ScriptBlock)

Construct a PSModuleInfo instance initializing it from a scriptblock instead of a script file.


AccessMode AccessMode AccessMode AccessMode

Controls the module access mode...

Author Author Author Author

Module Author

ClrVersion ClrVersion ClrVersion ClrVersion

CLR Version

CompanyName CompanyName CompanyName CompanyName

Company Name

CompatiblePSEditions CompatiblePSEditions CompatiblePSEditions CompatiblePSEditions


Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright


Definition Definition Definition Definition

If this is a script module, then this property will contain the PowerShell source text that was used to define this module.

Description Description Description Description

A description of this module...

DotNetFrameworkVersion DotNetFrameworkVersion DotNetFrameworkVersion DotNetFrameworkVersion

.NET Framework Version

ExperimentalFeatures ExperimentalFeatures ExperimentalFeatures ExperimentalFeatures
ExportedAliases ExportedAliases ExportedAliases ExportedAliases

Lists the aliases exported by this module.

ExportedCmdlets ExportedCmdlets ExportedCmdlets ExportedCmdlets

Lists the functions exported by this module...

ExportedCommands ExportedCommands ExportedCommands ExportedCommands

Gets the aggregated list of visible commands exported from the module. If there are two commands of different types exported with the same name (e.g. alias 'foo' and cmdlet 'foo') the combined dictionary will only contain the highest precidence cmdlet (e.g. the alias 'foo' since aliases shadow cmdlets.

ExportedDscResources ExportedDscResources ExportedDscResources ExportedDscResources
ExportedFormatFiles ExportedFormatFiles ExportedFormatFiles ExportedFormatFiles

The list of Format files imported by this module.

ExportedFunctions ExportedFunctions ExportedFunctions ExportedFunctions

Lists the functions exported by this module...

ExportedTypeFiles ExportedTypeFiles ExportedTypeFiles ExportedTypeFiles

The list of types files imported by this module.

ExportedVariables ExportedVariables ExportedVariables ExportedVariables

Lists the variables exported by this module.

ExportedWorkflows ExportedWorkflows ExportedWorkflows ExportedWorkflows

Lists the workflows exported by this module.

FileList FileList FileList FileList


Guid Guid Guid Guid

The guid for this module if one was defined in the module manifest.

HelpInfoUri HelpInfoUri HelpInfoUri HelpInfoUri

The HelpInfo for this module if one was defined in the module manifest.

IconUri IconUri IconUri IconUri

IconUri of this module.

ImplementingAssembly ImplementingAssembly ImplementingAssembly ImplementingAssembly

If the module is a binary module or a script module that defines classes, this property if a reference to the assembly, otherwise it is null.

LicenseUri LicenseUri LicenseUri LicenseUri

LicenseUri of this module.

LogPipelineExecutionDetails LogPipelineExecutionDetails LogPipelineExecutionDetails LogPipelineExecutionDetails

Get/set whether to log Pipeline Execution Detail events.

ModuleBase ModuleBase ModuleBase ModuleBase

Get the module base directory for this module. For modules loaded via a module manifest, this will be the directory containting the manifest file rather than the directory containing the actual module file. This is particularly useful when loading a GAC'ed assembly.

ModuleList ModuleList ModuleList ModuleList


ModuleType ModuleType ModuleType ModuleType

True if the module was compiled (i.e. a .DLL) instead of being in PowerShell script...

Name Name Name Name

The name of this module.

NestedModules NestedModules NestedModules NestedModules

Returns the list of child modules of this module. This will only be non-empty for module manifests.

OnRemove OnRemove OnRemove OnRemove

Optional script that is going to be called just before Remove-Module cmdlet removes the module

Path Path Path Path

The path to the file that defined this module...

PowerShellHostName PowerShellHostName PowerShellHostName PowerShellHostName

PowerShell Host Name

PowerShellHostVersion PowerShellHostVersion PowerShellHostVersion PowerShellHostVersion

PowerShell Host Version

PowerShellVersion PowerShellVersion PowerShellVersion PowerShellVersion

PowerShell Version

Prefix Prefix Prefix Prefix


PrivateData PrivateData PrivateData PrivateData

This value is set from the PrivateData member in the module manifest. It allows implementor specific data to be passed to the module via the manifest file.

ProcessorArchitecture ProcessorArchitecture ProcessorArchitecture ProcessorArchitecture

Processor Architecture

ProjectUri ProjectUri ProjectUri ProjectUri

ProjectUri of this module.

ReleaseNotes ReleaseNotes ReleaseNotes ReleaseNotes

ReleaseNotes of this module.

RepositorySourceLocation RepositorySourceLocation RepositorySourceLocation RepositorySourceLocation

Repository SourceLocation of this module.

RequiredAssemblies RequiredAssemblies RequiredAssemblies RequiredAssemblies

Required Assemblies

RequiredModules RequiredModules RequiredModules RequiredModules

Returns the list of required modules of this module. This will only be non-empty for module manifests.

RootModule RootModule RootModule RootModule

Root Module

Scripts Scripts Scripts Scripts

Scripts to Process

SessionState SessionState SessionState SessionState

The session state instance associated with this module.

Tags Tags Tags Tags

Tags of this module.

UseAppDomainLevelModuleCache UseAppDomainLevelModuleCache UseAppDomainLevelModuleCache UseAppDomainLevelModuleCache

Enables or disables the appdomain module path cache

Version Version Version Version

The version of this module


AsCustomObject() AsCustomObject() AsCustomObject() AsCustomObject()

Build a custom object out of this module...

ClearAppDomainLevelModulePathCache() ClearAppDomainLevelModulePathCache() ClearAppDomainLevelModulePathCache() ClearAppDomainLevelModulePathCache()

Clear out the appdomain-level module path cache.

Clone() Clone() Clone() Clone()

Implements deep copy of a PSModuleInfo instance. A new PSModuleInfo instance

GetExportedTypeDefinitions() GetExportedTypeDefinitions() GetExportedTypeDefinitions() GetExportedTypeDefinitions()

Lists the types (PowerShell classes, enums, interfaces) exported by this module. This returns ASTs for types, created in parse time.

GetVariableFromCallersModule(String) GetVariableFromCallersModule(String) GetVariableFromCallersModule(String) GetVariableFromCallersModule(String)

This routine allows you to get access variable objects in the callers module or from the toplevel sessionstate if there is no calling module.

Invoke(ScriptBlock, Object[]) Invoke(ScriptBlock, Object[]) Invoke(ScriptBlock, Object[]) Invoke(ScriptBlock, Object[])

Invoke a scriptblock in the context of this module...

NewBoundScriptBlock(ScriptBlock) NewBoundScriptBlock(ScriptBlock) NewBoundScriptBlock(ScriptBlock) NewBoundScriptBlock(ScriptBlock)

Returns a new scriptblock bound to this module instance.

ToString() ToString() ToString() ToString()

ToString() implementation which returns the name of the module.

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