PSSnapIn PSSnapIn PSSnapIn Class


MshSnapin is a class for regular mshsnapin's which is constructed based on mshsnapin assembly.

This class derives from PSSnapInInstaller and will be used as the base for all regular mshsnapins.

public abstract class PSSnapIn : System.Management.Automation.PSSnapInInstaller
type PSSnapIn = class
    inherit PSSnapInInstaller
Public MustInherit Class PSSnapIn
Inherits PSSnapInInstaller


Developers should derive from this class when implementing their own 

Derived mshsnapins should be denotated with [RunInstaller] attribute
so that installutil.exe can directly install the mshsnapin into registry.


PSSnapIn() PSSnapIn() PSSnapIn()


Description Description Description Inherited from PSSnapInInstaller
DescriptionResource DescriptionResource DescriptionResource Inherited from PSSnapInInstaller
Formats Formats Formats

Gets list of format files to be loaded for this mshsnapin.

Name Name Name Inherited from PSSnapInInstaller
Types Types Types

Gets list of type files to be loaded for this mshsnapin.

Vendor Vendor Vendor Inherited from PSSnapInInstaller
VendorResource VendorResource VendorResource Inherited from PSSnapInInstaller


Install(IDictionary) Install(IDictionary) Install(IDictionary) Inherited from PSInstaller
Rollback(IDictionary) Rollback(IDictionary) Rollback(IDictionary) Inherited from PSInstaller
Uninstall(IDictionary) Uninstall(IDictionary) Uninstall(IDictionary) Inherited from PSInstaller

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