PSSnapInInfo PSSnapInInfo PSSnapInInfo Class


Contains information about a mshsnapin

public class PSSnapInInfo
type PSSnapInInfo = class
Public Class PSSnapInInfo


ApplicationBase ApplicationBase ApplicationBase

Returns applicationbase for mshsnapin

AssemblyName AssemblyName AssemblyName

Strong name of mshSnapIn assembly

Description Description Description

Description of mshsnapin

Formats Formats Formats

Collection of file names containing format information for PSSnapIn

IsDefault IsDefault IsDefault

Is this mshsnapin default mshsnapin

LogPipelineExecutionDetails LogPipelineExecutionDetails LogPipelineExecutionDetails

Get/set whether to log Pipeline Execution Detail events.

ModuleName ModuleName ModuleName

Name of PSSnapIn module

Name Name Name

Unique Name of the mshsnapin

PSVersion PSVersion PSVersion

Monad version used by mshsnapin

Types Types Types

Collection of file names containing types information for PSSnapIn.

Vendor Vendor Vendor

Vendor of mshsnapin

Version Version Version

Version of mshsnapin


ToString() ToString() ToString()

Overrides ToString

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