PSToken PSToken PSToken PSToken Class


This is public class for representing a powershell token.

public ref class PSToken sealed
public sealed class PSToken
type PSToken = class
Public NotInheritable Class PSToken


There is already an internal class Token for representing the token.

This class wraps the internal Token class for providing limited information

to syntax editor.


Content Content Content Content

Resulting text for the token.

EndColumn EndColumn EndColumn EndColumn

Position of token end in end line.

EndLine EndLine EndLine EndLine

Line number of token end.

Length Length Length Length

Offset of token end in script buffer.

Start Start Start Start

Offset of token start in script buffer.

StartColumn StartColumn StartColumn StartColumn

Position of token start in start line.

StartLine StartLine StartLine StartLine

Line number of token start.

Type Type Type Type

Token type.


GetPSTokenType(Token) GetPSTokenType(Token) GetPSTokenType(Token) GetPSTokenType(Token)

Map a V3 token to a V2 PSTokenType

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