RuntimeDefinedParameter RuntimeDefinedParameter RuntimeDefinedParameter Class


Represents a parameter declaration that can be constructed at runtime.

public class RuntimeDefinedParameter
type RuntimeDefinedParameter = class
Public Class RuntimeDefinedParameter


Instances of RuntimeDefinedParameterDictionary should be returned to cmdlet implementations of GetDynamicParameters().

It is permitted to subclass RuntimeDefinedParameter but there is no established scenario for doing this, nor has it been tested.


RuntimeDefinedParameter() RuntimeDefinedParameter() RuntimeDefinedParameter()

Constructs a runtime-defined parameter instance.

RuntimeDefinedParameter(String, Type, Collection<Attribute>) RuntimeDefinedParameter(String, Type, Collection<Attribute>) RuntimeDefinedParameter(String, Type, Collection<Attribute>)

Constructs a new instance of a runtime-defined parameter using the specified parameters.


Attributes Attributes Attributes

Gets or sets the attribute collection that describes the parameter.

IsSet IsSet IsSet

Gets or sets whether this parameter value has been set.

Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of the parameter

ParameterType ParameterType ParameterType

Gets or sets the type of the parameter.

Value Value Value

Gets or sets the value of the parameter.

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