SettingValueExceptionEventArgs SettingValueExceptionEventArgs SettingValueExceptionEventArgs Class


Serves as the arguments for events triggered by exceptions in the SetValue method of PSObjectPropertyDescriptor

public class SettingValueExceptionEventArgs : EventArgs
type SettingValueExceptionEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class SettingValueExceptionEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


The sender of this event is an object of type PSObjectPropertyDescriptor. It is permitted to subclass SettingValueExceptionEventArgs but there is no established scenario for doing this, nor has it been tested.


Exception Exception Exception

Gets the exception that triggered the associated event.

ShouldThrow ShouldThrow ShouldThrow

Gets and sets a Boolean indicating if the SetValue method of PSObjectPropertyDescriptor should throw the exception associated with this event.

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