VerbsCommon VerbsCommon VerbsCommon VerbsCommon Class


Verbs that are commonly used in cmdlet names.

public ref class VerbsCommon abstract sealed
public static class VerbsCommon
type VerbsCommon = class
Public Class VerbsCommon


These verbs are recommended over their synonyms when used as the verb name

for cmdlets.


Add Add Add Add

Synonyms: Add to, append or attach.

Clear Clear Clear Clear

Remove all the elements or content of a container

Close Close Close Close

Change the state of a resource to make it inaccessible, unavailable, or unusable

Copy Copy Copy Copy

Copy a resource to another name or another container

Enter Enter Enter Enter

Enters a context

Exit Exit Exit Exit

Exits a context

Find Find Find Find

Search for an object

Format Format Format Format

Formats an object for output.

Get Get Get Get

Get the contents/object/children/properties/relations/... of a resource

Hide Hide Hide Hide

Remove from visibility

Join Join Join Join

Combines resources into one resource

Lock Lock Lock Lock

Lock a resource.

Move Move Move Move

Move a resource

New New New New

Create a new resource

Open Open Open Open

Change the state of a resource to make it accessible, available, or usable

Optimize Optimize Optimize Optimize

Increases the effectiveness of a resource

Pop Pop Pop Pop

To restore a context saved by a Push operation

Push Push Push Push

To set as the current context, including the ability to reverse this action

Redo Redo Redo Redo

Act on a resource again.

Remove Remove Remove Remove

Remove a resource from a container

Rename Rename Rename Rename

Give a resource a new name

Reset Reset Reset Reset

Set/reset the contents/object/properties/relations... of a resource

Resize Resize Resize Resize

Changes the size of a resource

Search Search Search Search

Get a reference to a resource or summary information about a resource by looking in a specified collection. Does not actually retrieve that resource.

Select Select Select Select

To take as a choice from among several; pick out

Set Set Set Set

Set the contents/object/properties/relations... of a resource

Show Show Show Show

Makes visible, or displays information. Combines get, format, and out verbs.

Skip Skip Skip Skip

Pass from one resource or point to another while disregarding or omitting intervening resources or points

Split Split Split Split

Split an object into portions. parts or fragments

Step Step Step Step

Move to the next point or resource

Switch Switch Switch Switch
Undo Undo Undo Undo

Reverse an action or process.

Unlock Unlock Unlock Unlock

Unlock a resource.

Watch Watch Watch Watch

Continually inspect a resource for changes

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