WildcardPattern WildcardPattern WildcardPattern Class


Represents a wildcard pattern.

public sealed class WildcardPattern
type WildcardPattern = class
Public NotInheritable Class WildcardPattern


WildcardPattern(String) WildcardPattern(String) WildcardPattern(String)

Initializes and instance of the WildcardPattern class for the specified wildcard pattern.

WildcardPattern(String, WildcardOptions) WildcardPattern(String, WildcardOptions) WildcardPattern(String, WildcardOptions)

Initializes an instance of the WildcardPattern class for the specified wildcard pattern expression, with options that modify the pattern.


ContainsWildcardCharacters(String) ContainsWildcardCharacters(String) ContainsWildcardCharacters(String)

Checks to see if the given string has any wild card characters in it.

Escape(String) Escape(String) Escape(String)

Escape special chars in a string by replacing them with their escape codes.

Get(String, WildcardOptions) Get(String, WildcardOptions) Get(String, WildcardOptions)

Create a new WildcardPattern, or return an already created one.

IsMatch(String) IsMatch(String) IsMatch(String)

Indicates whether the wildcard pattern specified in the WildcardPattern constructor finds a match in the input string.

ToWql() ToWql() ToWql()

Converts this wildcard to a string that can be used as a right-hand-side operand of the LIKE operator of WQL. For example: "a*" will be converted to "a%".

Unescape(String) Unescape(String) Unescape(String)

Unescapes any escaped characters in the input string.

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