ManagementQualifierFlavors Enum


Qualifier flavors that can be used with WMI provider extensions.

Note: the WMI .NET libraries are now considered in final state, and no further development, enhancements, or updates will be available for non-security related issues affecting these libraries. The MI APIs should be used for all new development.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class ManagementQualifierFlavors
public enum ManagementQualifierFlavors
type ManagementQualifierFlavors = 
Public Enum ManagementQualifierFlavors


Amended 1

The qualifier is not required in the basic class definition and can be moved to the amendment to be localized.

ClassOnly 4

The qualifier is propagated to instances.

DisableOverride 2

The qualifier cannot be overridden in a derived class or instance. Note that being able to override a propagated qualifier is the default.

ThisClassOnly 8

The qualifier is not propagated to derived classes.


The following example demonstrates how to use the DisableOverride ManagementQualifierFlavors enumeration. Here it is being applied to the Association qualifier.

Flavor = ManagementQualifierFlavors.DisableOverride)]  
public class AssociationSampleBase  
   [ManagementReference(Type = "UserInfo")]  
   public string Configuration;  
   [ManagementReference(Type = "LogInfo")]  
   public string Hosting;  
   //additional code omitted  


To learn more about qualifier flavors read the Qualifier Flavors topic in the WMI SDK on MSDN.

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