ManagementStatus ManagementStatus ManagementStatus ManagementStatus Enum


Describes the enumeration of all WMI error codes that are currently defined.

public enum class ManagementStatus
public enum ManagementStatus
type ManagementStatus = 
Public Enum ManagementStatus


AccessDenied AccessDenied AccessDenied AccessDenied -2147217405

The current user does not have permission to perform the action.

AggregatingByObject AggregatingByObject AggregatingByObject AggregatingByObject -2147217315

A GROUP BY clause references a property that is an embedded object without using dot notation.

AlreadyExists AlreadyExists AlreadyExists AlreadyExists -2147217383

In a put operation, the wbemChangeFlagCreateOnly flag was specified, but the instance already exists.

AmendedObject AmendedObject AmendedObject AmendedObject -2147217306

An amended object was used in a put operation without the WBEM_FLAG_USE_AMENDED_QUALIFIERS flag being specified.

BackupRestoreWinmgmtRunning BackupRestoreWinmgmtRunning BackupRestoreWinmgmtRunning BackupRestoreWinmgmtRunning -2147217312

An request was made to back up or restore the repository while WinMgmt.exe was using it.

BufferTooSmall BufferTooSmall BufferTooSmall BufferTooSmall -2147217348

The supplied buffer was too small to hold all the objects in the enumerator or to read a string property.

CallCanceled CallCanceled CallCanceled CallCanceled -2147217358

An asynchronous process has been canceled internally or by the user. Note that because of the timing and nature of the asynchronous operation, the operation may not have been truly canceled.

CannotBeAbstract CannotBeAbstract CannotBeAbstract CannotBeAbstract -2147217307

The class was made abstract when its superclass is not abstract.

CannotBeKey CannotBeKey CannotBeKey CannotBeKey -2147217377

There was an illegal attempt to specify a key qualifier on a property that cannot be a key. The keys are specified in the class definition for an object and cannot be altered on a per-instance basis.

CannotBeSingleton CannotBeSingleton CannotBeSingleton CannotBeSingleton -2147217364

An illegal attempt was made to make a class singleton, such as when the class is derived from a non-singleton class.

CannotChangeIndexInheritance CannotChangeIndexInheritance CannotChangeIndexInheritance CannotChangeIndexInheritance -2147217328

An attempt was made to change an index when instances or derived classes are already using the index.

CannotChangeKeyInheritance CannotChangeKeyInheritance CannotChangeKeyInheritance CannotChangeKeyInheritance -2147217335

An attempt was made to change a key when instances or derived classes are already using the key.

CircularReference CircularReference CircularReference CircularReference -2147217337

An attempt has been made to create a reference that is circular (for example, deriving a class from itself).

ClassHasChildren ClassHasChildren ClassHasChildren ClassHasChildren -2147217371

An attempt was made to make a change that would invalidate a derived class.

ClassHasInstances ClassHasInstances ClassHasInstances ClassHasInstances -2147217370

An attempt has been made to delete or modify a class that has instances.

ClientTooSlow ClientTooSlow ClientTooSlow ClientTooSlow -2147217305

The client was not retrieving objects quickly enough from an enumeration.

CriticalError CriticalError CriticalError CriticalError -2147217398

An internal, critical, and unexpected error occurred. Report this error to Microsoft Technical Support.

Different Different Different Different 262147

The compared items (such as objects and classes) are not identical.

DuplicateObjects DuplicateObjects DuplicateObjects DuplicateObjects 262152

More than one copy of the same object was detected in the result set of an enumeration.

Failed Failed Failed Failed -2147217407

The call failed.

False False False False 1

This value is returned when no more objects are available, the number of objects returned is less than the number requested, or at the end of an enumeration. It is also returned when the method is called with a value of 0 for the parameter.

IllegalNull IllegalNull IllegalNull IllegalNull -2147217368

A value of null was specified for a property that may not be null, such as one that is marked by a Key, Indexed, or Not_Null qualifier.

IllegalOperation IllegalOperation IllegalOperation IllegalOperation -2147217378

The user requested an illegal operation, such as spawning a class from an instance.

IncompleteClass IncompleteClass IncompleteClass IncompleteClass -2147217376

The current object is not a valid class definition. Either it is incomplete, or it has not been registered with WMI using Put()().

InitializationFailure InitializationFailure InitializationFailure InitializationFailure -2147217388

A component, such as a provider, failed to initialize for internal reasons.

InvalidCimType InvalidCimType InvalidCimType InvalidCimType -2147217363

The CIM type specified is not valid.

InvalidClass InvalidClass InvalidClass InvalidClass -2147217392

The specified class is not valid.

InvalidContext InvalidContext InvalidContext InvalidContext -2147217401

The context object is not valid.

InvalidDuplicateParameter InvalidDuplicateParameter InvalidDuplicateParameter InvalidDuplicateParameter -2147217341

A duplicate parameter has been declared in a CIM method.

InvalidFlavor InvalidFlavor InvalidFlavor InvalidFlavor -2147217338

The specified flavor was invalid.

InvalidMethod InvalidMethod InvalidMethod InvalidMethod -2147217362

The requested method is not available.

InvalidMethodParameters InvalidMethodParameters InvalidMethodParameters InvalidMethodParameters -2147217361

The parameters provided for the method are not valid.

InvalidNamespace InvalidNamespace InvalidNamespace InvalidNamespace -2147217394

The specified namespace could not be found.

InvalidObject InvalidObject InvalidObject InvalidObject -2147217393

The specified instance is not valid.

InvalidObjectPath InvalidObjectPath InvalidObjectPath InvalidObjectPath -2147217350

The specified object path was invalid.

InvalidOperation InvalidOperation InvalidOperation InvalidOperation -2147217386

The requested operation is not valid. This error usually applies to invalid attempts to delete classes or properties.

InvalidOperator InvalidOperator InvalidOperator InvalidOperator -2147217309

The operator is not valid for this property type.

InvalidParameter InvalidParameter InvalidParameter InvalidParameter -2147217400

One of the parameters to the call is not correct.

InvalidParameterID InvalidParameterID InvalidParameterID InvalidParameterID -2147217353

A method parameter has an invalid ID qualifier.

InvalidProperty InvalidProperty InvalidProperty InvalidProperty -2147217359

The property type is not recognized.

InvalidPropertyType InvalidPropertyType InvalidPropertyType InvalidPropertyType -2147217366

The CIM type specified for a property is not valid.

InvalidProviderRegistration InvalidProviderRegistration InvalidProviderRegistration InvalidProviderRegistration -2147217390

A provider referenced in the schema has an incorrect or incomplete registration.

InvalidQualifier InvalidQualifier InvalidQualifier InvalidQualifier -2147217342

An attempt has been made to mismatch qualifiers, such as putting [ManagementKey] on an object instead of a property.

InvalidQualifierType InvalidQualifierType InvalidQualifierType InvalidQualifierType -2147217367

The value provided for a qualifier was not a legal qualifier type.

InvalidQuery InvalidQuery InvalidQuery InvalidQuery -2147217385

The query was not syntactically valid.

InvalidQueryType InvalidQueryType InvalidQueryType InvalidQueryType -2147217384

The requested query language is not supported.

InvalidStream InvalidStream InvalidStream InvalidStream -2147217397

One or more network packets were corrupted during a remote session.

InvalidSuperclass InvalidSuperclass InvalidSuperclass InvalidSuperclass -2147217395

The specified superclass is not valid.

InvalidSyntax InvalidSyntax InvalidSyntax InvalidSyntax -2147217375

Reserved for future use.

LocalCredentials LocalCredentials LocalCredentials LocalCredentials -2147217308

The user specified a user name, password, or authority on a local connection. The user must use an empty user name and password and rely on default security.

MarshalInvalidSignature MarshalInvalidSignature MarshalInvalidSignature MarshalInvalidSignature -2147217343

The packet is corrupted.

MarshalVersionMismatch MarshalVersionMismatch MarshalVersionMismatch MarshalVersionMismatch -2147217344

The packet has an unsupported version.

MethodDisabled MethodDisabled MethodDisabled MethodDisabled -2147217322

An attempt was made to execute a method marked with [disabled].

MethodNotImplemented MethodNotImplemented MethodNotImplemented MethodNotImplemented -2147217323

An attempt was made to execute a method not marked with [implemented] in any relevant class.

MissingAggregationList MissingAggregationList MissingAggregationList MissingAggregationList -2147217317

A GROUP BY clause was used. Aggregation on all properties is not supported.

MissingGroupWithin MissingGroupWithin MissingGroupWithin MissingGroupWithin -2147217318

A GROUP BY clause was used without the corresponding GROUP WITHIN clause.

MissingParameterID MissingParameterID MissingParameterID MissingParameterID -2147217354

A parameter was missing from the method call.

NoError NoError NoError NoError 0

The operation was successful.

NoMoreData NoMoreData NoMoreData NoMoreData 262149

No more data is available from the enumeration; the user should terminate the enumeration.

NonconsecutiveParameterIDs NonconsecutiveParameterIDs NonconsecutiveParameterIDs NonconsecutiveParameterIDs -2147217352

One or more of the method parameters have ID qualifiers that are out of sequence.

NondecoratedObject NondecoratedObject NondecoratedObject NondecoratedObject -2147217374

Reserved for future use.

NotAvailable NotAvailable NotAvailable NotAvailable -2147217399

The resource, typically a remote server, is not currently available.

NotEventClass NotEventClass NotEventClass NotEventClass -2147217319

The FROM clause of a filtering query references a class that is not an event class.

NotFound NotFound NotFound NotFound -2147217406

The object could not be found.

NotSupported NotSupported NotSupported NotSupported -2147217396

The feature or operation is not supported.

OperationCanceled OperationCanceled OperationCanceled OperationCanceled 262150

The operation was canceled.

OutOfDiskSpace OutOfDiskSpace OutOfDiskSpace OutOfDiskSpace -2147217349

There is not enough free disk space to continue the operation.

OutOfMemory OutOfMemory OutOfMemory OutOfMemory -2147217402

There was not enough memory for the operation.

OverrideNotAllowed OverrideNotAllowed OverrideNotAllowed OverrideNotAllowed -2147217382

The add operation cannot be performed on the qualifier because the owning object does not permit overrides.

ParameterIDOnRetval ParameterIDOnRetval ParameterIDOnRetval ParameterIDOnRetval -2147217351

The return value for a method has an ID qualifier.

PartialResults PartialResults PartialResults PartialResults 262160

The user did not receive all of the requested objects because of inaccessible resources (other than security violations).

Pending Pending Pending Pending 262151

A request is still in progress; however, the results are not yet available.

PrivilegeNotHeld PrivilegeNotHeld PrivilegeNotHeld PrivilegeNotHeld -2147217310

The operation failed because the client did not have the necessary security privilege.

PropagatedMethod PropagatedMethod PropagatedMethod PropagatedMethod -2147217356

An attempt was made to reuse an existing method name from a superclass, and the signatures did not match.

PropagatedProperty PropagatedProperty PropagatedProperty PropagatedProperty -2147217380

The user attempted to delete a property that was not owned. The property was inherited from a parent class.

PropagatedQualifier PropagatedQualifier PropagatedQualifier PropagatedQualifier -2147217381

The user attempted to delete a qualifier that was not owned. The qualifier was inherited from a parent class.

PropertyNotAnObject PropertyNotAnObject PropertyNotAnObject PropertyNotAnObject -2147217316

Dot notation was used on a property that is not an embedded object.

ProviderFailure ProviderFailure ProviderFailure ProviderFailure -2147217404

The provider failed after initialization.

ProviderLoadFailure ProviderLoadFailure ProviderLoadFailure ProviderLoadFailure -2147217389

COM cannot locate a provider referenced in the schema.

ProviderNotCapable ProviderNotCapable ProviderNotCapable ProviderNotCapable -2147217372

The provider cannot perform the requested operation, such as requesting a query that is too complex, retrieving an instance, creating or updating a class, deleting a class, or enumerating a class.

ProviderNotFound ProviderNotFound ProviderNotFound ProviderNotFound -2147217391

A provider referenced in the schema does not have a corresponding registration.

QueryNotImplemented QueryNotImplemented QueryNotImplemented QueryNotImplemented -2147217369

Reserved for future use.

QueueOverflow QueueOverflow QueueOverflow QueueOverflow -2147217311

The asynchronous delivery queue overflowed from the event consumer being too slow.

ReadOnly ReadOnly ReadOnly ReadOnly -2147217373

The property that you are attempting to modify is read-only.

RefresherBusy RefresherBusy RefresherBusy RefresherBusy -2147217321

The refresher is busy with another operation.

RegistrationTooBroad RegistrationTooBroad RegistrationTooBroad RegistrationTooBroad -2147213311

The provider registration overlaps with the system event domain.

RegistrationTooPrecise RegistrationTooPrecise RegistrationTooPrecise RegistrationTooPrecise -2147213310

A WITHIN clause was not used in this query.

ResetToDefault ResetToDefault ResetToDefault ResetToDefault 262146

An overridden property was deleted. This value is returned to signal that the original, non-overridden value has been restored as a result of the deletion.

ServerTooBusy ServerTooBusy ServerTooBusy ServerTooBusy -2147217339

The delivery of an event has failed. The provider may choose to re-raise the event.

ShuttingDown ShuttingDown ShuttingDown ShuttingDown -2147217357

The user has requested an operation while WMI is in the process of closing.

SystemProperty SystemProperty SystemProperty SystemProperty -2147217360

There was an attempt to get qualifiers on a system property.

Timedout Timedout Timedout Timedout 262148

A call timed out. This is not an error condition; therefore, some results may have been returned.

TooManyProperties TooManyProperties TooManyProperties TooManyProperties -2147217327

An attempt was made to create more properties than the current version of the class supports.

TooMuchData TooMuchData TooMuchData TooMuchData -2147217340

Reserved for future use.

TransportFailure TransportFailure TransportFailure TransportFailure -2147217387

A networking error that prevents normal operation has occurred.

TypeMismatch TypeMismatch TypeMismatch TypeMismatch -2147217403

A type mismatch occurred.

Unexpected Unexpected Unexpected Unexpected -2147217379

The client made an unexpected and illegal sequence of calls.

UninterpretableProviderQuery UninterpretableProviderQuery UninterpretableProviderQuery UninterpretableProviderQuery -2147217313

An event provider registration query (__EventProviderRegistration) did not specify the classes for which events were provided.

UnknownObjectType UnknownObjectType UnknownObjectType UnknownObjectType -2147217346

An object with an incorrect type or version was encountered during marshaling.

UnknownPacketType UnknownPacketType UnknownPacketType UnknownPacketType -2147217345

A packet with an incorrect type or version was encountered during marshaling.

UnparsableQuery UnparsableQuery UnparsableQuery UnparsableQuery -2147217320

The filtering query is syntactically invalid.

UnsupportedClassUpdate UnsupportedClassUpdate UnsupportedClassUpdate UnsupportedClassUpdate -2147217336

The specified class is not supported.

UnsupportedParameter UnsupportedParameter UnsupportedParameter UnsupportedParameter -2147217355

One or more parameter values, such as a query text, is too complex or unsupported. WMI is requested to retry the operation with simpler parameters.

UnsupportedPutExtension UnsupportedPutExtension UnsupportedPutExtension UnsupportedPutExtension -2147217347

The provider does not support the requested put operation.

UpdateOverrideNotAllowed UpdateOverrideNotAllowed UpdateOverrideNotAllowed UpdateOverrideNotAllowed -2147217325

An attempt was made in a derived class to override a non-overridable qualifier.

UpdatePropagatedMethod UpdatePropagatedMethod UpdatePropagatedMethod UpdatePropagatedMethod -2147217324

A method was redeclared with a conflicting signature in a derived class.

UpdateTypeMismatch UpdateTypeMismatch UpdateTypeMismatch UpdateTypeMismatch -2147217326

A property was redefined with a conflicting type in a derived class.

ValueOutOfRange ValueOutOfRange ValueOutOfRange ValueOutOfRange -2147217365

The request was made with an out-of-range value, or is incompatible with the type.

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