CryptographicProviderType Enum


Specifies the cryptographic service providers available for validating digital signatures.

public enum class CryptographicProviderType
public enum CryptographicProviderType
public enum CryptographicProviderType
type CryptographicProviderType = 
type CryptographicProviderType = 
Public Enum CryptographicProviderType


Dss 3

A provider type that, like RsqSig, only supports hashes and digital signatures. Dss specifies the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) signature algorithm.

Fortezza 4

A provider type that contains a set of cryptographic protocols and algorithms owned by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

MicrosoftExchange 5

A provider type designed for the cryptographic needs of the Microsoft Exchange mail application and other applications compatible with Microsoft Mail.

None 0

No cryptographic provider type specified.

RsaFull 1

The full RSA provider type, which supports both digital signatures and data encryption. Considered a general purpose cryptographic services provider. The RSA public-key algorithm is used for all public-key operations.

RsqSig 2

A subset of the RsaFull provider type, which supports only those functions and algorithms required for hashes and digital signatures.

Ssl 6

A provider type that supports the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

SttAcq 8

Secure transaction technology provider acquirer.

SttBrnd 9

Secure transaction technology provider brand.

SttIss 11

Secure transaction technology provider issuer.

SttMer 7

Secure transaction technology provider enterprise.

SttRoot 10

Secure transaction technology provider root.


A cryptographic service provider contains implementations of cryptographic standards and algorithms. Applications can require the authentication provider name or authentication provider type of a cryptographic service provider to validate the digital signatures.

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