IHttpClientFactory.CreateClient(String) IHttpClientFactory.CreateClient(String) IHttpClientFactory.CreateClient(String) Method


Creates and configures an HttpClient instance using the configuration that corresponds to the logical name specified by name.

public System.Net.Http.HttpClient CreateClient (string name);
abstract member CreateClient : string -> System.Net.Http.HttpClient
Public Function CreateClient (name As String) As HttpClient


String String String

The logical name of the client to create.



Each call to CreateClient(String) is guaranteed to return a new HttpClient instance. Callers may cache the returned HttpClient instance indefinitely or surround its use in a using block to dispose it when desired.

The default IHttpClientFactory implementation may cache the underlying HttpMessageHandler instances to improve performance.

Callers are also free to mutate the returned HttpClient instance's public properties as desired.

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