IcmpV4Statistics.TimeExceededMessagesSent IcmpV4Statistics.TimeExceededMessagesSent IcmpV4Statistics.TimeExceededMessagesSent IcmpV4Statistics.TimeExceededMessagesSent Property


Gets the number of Internet Control Message Protocol version 4 (ICMPv4) Time Exceeded messages that were sent.

 abstract property long TimeExceededMessagesSent { long get(); };
public abstract long TimeExceededMessagesSent { get; }
member this.TimeExceededMessagesSent : int64
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property TimeExceededMessagesSent As Long

Property Value

An Int64 value that specifies the total number of ICMP Time Exceeded messages that were sent.


The following example displays the value of this property.

void ShowTimeExceededData()
   IPGlobalProperties ^ properties = IPGlobalProperties::GetIPGlobalProperties();
   IcmpV4Statistics ^ statistics = properties->GetIcmpV4Statistics();
   Console::WriteLine( "  TimeExceeded ........................ Sent: {0,-10}   Received: {1,-10}", 
      statistics->TimeExceededMessagesReceived );
public static void ShowTimeExceededData()
    IPGlobalProperties properties = IPGlobalProperties.GetIPGlobalProperties();
    IcmpV4Statistics statistics = properties.GetIcmpV4Statistics();
    Console.WriteLine("  TimeExceeded ........................ Sent: {0,-10}   Received: {1,-10}",
        statistics.TimeExceededMessagesSent, statistics.TimeExceededMessagesReceived);    
Public Shared Sub ShowTimeExceededData() 
    Dim properties As IPGlobalProperties = IPGlobalProperties.GetIPGlobalProperties()
    Dim statistics As IcmpV4Statistics = properties.GetIcmpV4Statistics()
    Console.WriteLine("  TimeExceeded ........................ Sent: {0,-10}   Received: {1,-10}", statistics.TimeExceededMessagesSent, statistics.TimeExceededMessagesReceived)

End Sub 'ShowTimeExceededData


A packet's Hop Limit determines how many times it can be forwarded before it is discarded. Each time a packet is forwarded, its Hop Limit value is decremented by one. When the Hop Limit reaches zero or when a router receives a packet with its Hop Limit set to zero, the packet is discarded and the source of the packet receives a Time Exceeded message indicating that the initial Hop Limit was too small or that the packet was caught in a routing loop.

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