PeerApplicationLaunchInfo PeerApplicationLaunchInfo PeerApplicationLaunchInfo PeerApplicationLaunchInfo Class


Represents the launch information required by a PeerApplication that has initiated in response to a peer collaboration invitation.

public ref class PeerApplicationLaunchInfo
public class PeerApplicationLaunchInfo
type PeerApplicationLaunchInfo = class
Public Class PeerApplicationLaunchInfo


An application can inspect the Data and Message properties in this class to get the information specific to the invitation that initiated the application launch.

Access to this class requires a PermissionState of Unrestricted. This state is created when the Peer collaboration session begins.


Data Data Data Data

Gets or sets application-defined binary data associated with the PeerApplication invitation.

Message Message Message Message

Gets or sets a message associated with the response to the PeerCollaboration invitation.

PeerApplication PeerApplication PeerApplication PeerApplication

Gets or sets the PeerApplication for which the invitation was sent.

PeerContact PeerContact PeerContact PeerContact

Gets or sets the PeerContact that sent the invitation.

PeerEndPoint PeerEndPoint PeerEndPoint PeerEndPoint

Gets or sets the PeerEndPoint from which the PeerApplication invitation was sent.


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