PeerNameRegistration.Stop PeerNameRegistration.Stop PeerNameRegistration.Stop PeerNameRegistration.Stop Method


Unregisters the peer name specified in the PeerName property from all the clouds in which it was registered.

 void Stop();
public void Stop ();
member this.Stop : unit -> unit
Public Sub Stop ()


The PeerName property has not yet been registered. This occurs when a PeerNameRegistration object is constructed using the empty constructor. The PeerName property must be populated in this instance prior to calling Start().


After the registration process has been stopped, the registration object's state is equal to the state directly after being constructed by the parameterless constructor. In this state, all of its properties are assumed to have no value. The Start method may be used to restart it.

It is possible to have multiple registration objects for the same peer name. In such a case, if the peer name is secured, each instance will represent a registration in a different PNRP cloud. However, if the peer name is not secured, it can be registered in the same cloud multiple times.

If this instance is already stopped, calling this method has no effect.

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