PnrpPermission.Copy Method


Creates and returns an identical copy of the current PnrpPermission.

 override System::Security::IPermission ^ Copy();
public override System.Security.IPermission Copy ();
override this.Copy : unit -> System.Security.IPermission
Public Overrides Function Copy () As IPermission



An object with an IPermission interface, whose instance contains a copy of the current instance of PnrpPermission.


The parameter is not a valid PnrpPermission element.


The parameter's version number is not supported.

The parameter is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).


A copy of a permission represents the same access to resources as the original permission.

Instances of this type have two permission states: they either have no access to the resource(s) protected by the permission, or they have unrestricted full access to those resources.

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