NegotiateStream.DisposeAsync Method


Asynchronously releases the unmanaged and managed resources used by the NegotiateStream.

 override System::Threading::Tasks::ValueTask DisposeAsync();
public override System.Threading.Tasks.ValueTask DisposeAsync ();
override this.DisposeAsync : unit -> System.Threading.Tasks.ValueTask
Public Overrides Function DisposeAsync () As ValueTask


A task that represents the asynchronous dispose operation.


This method enables you to perform a resource-intensive dispose operation without blocking the main thread.

This method also disposes the inner stream when LeaveInnerStreamOpen is false; otherwise, the inner stream is just flushed.

Calling DisposeAsync allows the resources used by the NegotiateStream to be reallocated for other purposes. For more information, see Cleaning Up Unmanaged Resources.

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