WebClient.Proxy Property


Gets or sets the proxy used by this WebClient object.

 property System::Net::IWebProxy ^ Proxy { System::Net::IWebProxy ^ get(); void set(System::Net::IWebProxy ^ value); };
public System.Net.IWebProxy? Proxy { get; set; }
public System.Net.IWebProxy Proxy { get; set; }
member this.Proxy : System.Net.IWebProxy with get, set
Public Property Proxy As IWebProxy

Property Value


An IWebProxy instance used to send requests.


Proxy is set to null.


The Proxy property identifies the IWebProxy instance that communicates with remote servers on behalf of this WebClient object. The proxy is set by the system using configuration files and the Internet Explorer Local Area Network settings. To specify that no proxy should be used, set the Proxy property to null.

For information on automatic proxy detection, see Automatic Proxy Detection.

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