WebRequestMethods.File WebRequestMethods.File WebRequestMethods.File WebRequestMethods.File Class


Represents the types of file protocol methods that can be used with a FILE request. This class cannot be inherited.

public: ref class WebRequestMethods::File abstract sealed
public static class WebRequestMethods.File
type WebRequestMethods.File = class
Public Class WebRequestMethods.File


The members of this class can be used to set the Method property that determines the protocol method that is to be used to perform a requested action, such as copying and retrieving a file.


DownloadFile DownloadFile DownloadFile DownloadFile

Represents the FILE GET protocol method that is used to retrieve a file from a specified location.

UploadFile UploadFile UploadFile UploadFile

Represents the FILE PUT protocol method that is used to copy a file to a specified location.

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