WebRequestMethods.Ftp WebRequestMethods.Ftp WebRequestMethods.Ftp WebRequestMethods.Ftp Class


Represents the types of FTP protocol methods that can be used with an FTP request. This class cannot be inherited.

public: ref class WebRequestMethods::Ftp abstract sealed
public static class WebRequestMethods.Ftp
type WebRequestMethods.Ftp = class
Public Class WebRequestMethods.Ftp


The members of this class can be used to set the Method property that determines the protocol method that is to be used to perform a requested action, such as uploading or downloading a file.


AppendFile AppendFile AppendFile AppendFile

Represents the FTP APPE protocol method that is used to append a file to an existing file on an FTP server.

DeleteFile DeleteFile DeleteFile DeleteFile

Represents the FTP DELE protocol method that is used to delete a file on an FTP server.

DownloadFile DownloadFile DownloadFile DownloadFile

Represents the FTP RETR protocol method that is used to download a file from an FTP server.

GetDateTimestamp GetDateTimestamp GetDateTimestamp GetDateTimestamp

Represents the FTP MDTM protocol method that is used to retrieve the date-time stamp from a file on an FTP server.

GetFileSize GetFileSize GetFileSize GetFileSize

Represents the FTP SIZE protocol method that is used to retrieve the size of a file on an FTP server.

ListDirectory ListDirectory ListDirectory ListDirectory

Represents the FTP NLIST protocol method that gets a short listing of the files on an FTP server.

ListDirectoryDetails ListDirectoryDetails ListDirectoryDetails ListDirectoryDetails

Represents the FTP LIST protocol method that gets a detailed listing of the files on an FTP server.

MakeDirectory MakeDirectory MakeDirectory MakeDirectory

Represents the FTP MKD protocol method creates a directory on an FTP server.

PrintWorkingDirectory PrintWorkingDirectory PrintWorkingDirectory PrintWorkingDirectory

Represents the FTP PWD protocol method that prints the name of the current working directory.

RemoveDirectory RemoveDirectory RemoveDirectory RemoveDirectory

Represents the FTP RMD protocol method that removes a directory.

Rename Rename Rename Rename

Represents the FTP RENAME protocol method that renames a directory.

UploadFile UploadFile UploadFile UploadFile

Represents the FTP STOR protocol method that uploads a file to an FTP server.

UploadFileWithUniqueName UploadFileWithUniqueName UploadFileWithUniqueName UploadFileWithUniqueName

Represents the FTP STOU protocol that uploads a file with a unique name to an FTP server.

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